Lawn Care Tips

When should I water my lawn?
Early morning is the best time to water. Turf needs 1 to 1-1/2 inches of water applied per week. Use a rain gauge to measure and adjust amount of irrigation as needed. Lawns growing in clay soils need to be watered once per week, while lawns growing in sandy soils need two applications per week. Lawns often need less water during cool weather. Also, turf growing in heavy soil may need slightly less water per week. Apply enough water to moisten the top 6" of soil.

Why is it not wise to water between 9:00 pm - 2:00 am?
During the night, the lawn will stay damp for an extended time providing an environment that often leads to fungal diseases.

Why is it not advised to water every day?
The soil will become waterlogged. The soil needs to drain between each watering for root health. Also too much water leaches nutrients past the root zone and the wet soil often leads to lawn diseases.

What height should I set me mower blade?
A good mowing height is 3 inches during the growing season. In late fall lower the blade to a height of 2 inches.

After I mow my lawn the grass appears yellow/brown. What has caused this?
The mower blade needs to be sharpened. Sharp blades prevent tearing of the grass blades causing the ends to brown.


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